Physical Education and Health

At Ascot Vale Special School we give all of our students an opportunity to be physically active in many different ways, as we believe an active body leads to an active mind. Each term there will be a new skills focus for each section of the school which will tie in to the sports most popular for that season/time of year.


Foundation (Preps)

With children at this age, the main focus is on learning basic motor skills and movement patterns, which are then linked into a sport with very basic gameplay skills. There is a heavy focus on social situations such as playing a game together, taking turns and sharing equipment with peers.

Term 1: Striking Skills (sports with rackets/bats)                                                                       Term 3: Jump Rope For Heart / kicking skills

Term 2:  Ball Skills (bouncing, throwing & catching)                                                                  Term 4: Gymnastics/simple games

Primary School

Throughout the primary years, students will start to learn the basic skills and rules of a number of sports and use those skills in simple modified gameplay situations.

Term 1: Striking Sports (cricket, tennis, tee ball)                                                                       Term 3: Jump Rope For Heart /kicking skills (Soccer, AFL)

Term 2: Ball Skills (basketball, netball)                                                                                        Term 4: Gymnastics / Games

Secondary School

The secondary program is run in conjunction with the Interschool Sport Program, so that the sports being learnt in P.E. are the sports that the students will be playing in Interschool Sport. The skills are consolidated into gameplay situations.

Term 1: Cricket / Tennis                                                                                                                 Term 3: Jump Rope for Heart / AFL / Soccer

Term 2: Netball/ Basketball                                                                                                           Term 4: Alternative Sports ( Volleyball, Dodgeball etc.)

Bike Ed

Primary School students at Ascot Vale Special School participate in bike education on Tuesdays in Terms 1 & 4 and many are learning to ride a bike for the first time. For those students who already know how to ride a bike, more complex skills are taught such as riding in hilled areas of the school, performing U-turns and weaving through cones. On days of inclement weather, a bicycle safety session is conducted where the importance of helmets and road sense are taught in the classroom.

Secondary School students at Ascot Vale participate in Bike Education in relation to riding in the community. These sessions are often completed on a local bike track where the students gain experience in riding on different terrains with pedestrians and other cyclists.


Primary Swimming lessons are conducted every Thursday in Terms 1 & 4. They take place at a local leisure centre and are run by instructors provided by the centre. The instructors teach basic strokes and aquatic survival skills, the students are grouped according to ability, allowing the students to learn to their full potential.

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