Multi Media

Multi-Media is a program designed to enhance students’ skills with video and animation applications. Students get the chance to use their iPads to learn different film techniques using a variety of apps. Stop Motion Animation has been a big success with the students, and this is taught through a variety of programs such as ‘Stop Motion’ and ‘Tromaramix’. Students develop their camera skills through apps such as ‘Clips’ and create their own movie trailers through ‘iMovie’.

The students love seeing their work come to life in a variety of different ways. Augmented reality is also used in some lessons to help the students experience a different type of animation. The Multi-Media classroom has a green screen which is used throughout the year to record adverts for special events and videos to use as learning tools across the school. Multi-Media gives the students a fun and creative outlet to explore new concepts and topics they are learning about in other lessons.

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