Primary Learning Centre


Be a Learner, be a Friend and Be Safe provides the framework for our students to engage in a dynamic learning community where students, staff and parents strive for all students to be the best they can be in their education and personal growth.

The Primary Learning Centre provides students with the opportunities to engage in a rich and varied program that enables students to explore play, the technologies that they have at their disposal and access a comprehensive curriculum.

Thematic units are implemented for all students in the Primary Learning Centre and are based on the Victorian Curriculum. These Inquiry units are designed to encourage students to explore, experiment, wonder, create and problem solve. Students are given opportunity to be hands on learners and use the technology that they have at their disposal to capture and communicate their learning.

Students use the Seesaw digital platform to independently document their learning with the built-in creative tools at their disposal. This application also provides them with an authentic audience for their work. Parents, in real time are able to access the work that has been posted on Seesaw creating an immediate and personalised window into their child’s school day.

This home school partnership is a school priority with applications, such as Seesaw providing that valuable connection to parents on their child’s learning and the teaching and learning that is being implemented in that classroom.

Students in the Primary learning centre are given opportunity to develop their social skills through developmental play, drama, performing arts and through their engagement in their school day recreational breaks.

The primary focus of the English Program is the development of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills through both direct teaching and practical experience. We aim to develop independence and the appropriate skills required for play and social interactions through our Learn to Play Program.

The Mathematics Program encourages students to develop key mathematical concepts through ‘hands on’ learning experiences and engagement with Mathematics applications on the iPad.

Students are encouraged to explore their local community to access and use resources outside the school environment, and become involved with situations that relate to real life experience, giving them opportunities to make choices and develop interests that may continue into their future.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is a pivotal program that provides an authentic hands on learning experience for all students in this learning centre to engage in the garden and in food technology.

A Speech Pathologist provides ongoing teacher education and advice. She works alongside the teachers and Education Support Officers (ES) on class projects e.g. Food Play Program, Morning Message and Core Vocabulary Modelling.

An Occupational Therapist is consulted regarding sensory support needs and recommendations for the physical environment of the classroom.

Students are given opportunity to thrive in a learning environment that encourages, that is tailored to their needs and builds upon their knowledge, skills and experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Primary Learning Centre Leader Robyn Procak for any additional information.        





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