Allied Health

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists work with a variety of clients ranging in age from birth to the elderly. They work with babies and their feeding, school aged children and their speech and adults who have suffered a stroke. Speech Pathologists help people who have difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using their voice.

In a special school setting the role is based mainly around Alternative and Augmentative Communication as well as language. They strive to achieve success in advocating for the students to have an effective communication system whether that is verbal or non-verbal.

They work under a consultative model within the school meaning they work closely with teachers to enable them to assist the students with their communication primarily in the younger years however, they will consult with all teachers upon request.

The school’s Speech Pathologist is leading the work in the use of a speech therapy app called AVAZ. This app is a full-featured, award-winning, research-based AAC app that facilitates communication in children with speech disabilities. AVAZ is designed to make speech therapy more effective, develop a child’s language and improve his/her intent to communicate.

The school has committed the funds to purchase 20 licenses of this app and the Speech Pathologist has commenced work educating staff and working with students in the use of the app. We also have one parent joining a session each week to enable her to continue the great work at home with her child.


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